El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Single Life

Ah yes, this is it. The freedom! The lack of interpersonal cares! No one to worry about and have bothering me all the time with needs for attention… So sweet and simple is the life of a single lady.

I may have a roommate, but she’s only one, and she’s just as busy as me, which means we don’t tend to get in each other’s hair. All of which means my life is of course full of boundless horizons, not tied down to anything at all, brimming over with possibilities...

….and so goes my inner monologue as I stare hungrily into the open fridge, bereft of any bit of prepared food. Long gone are the awesome leftovers from dinner shifts at work last week, and I didn’t get around to cooking today, so basically all I have is passion fruit and pear jelly, a bit of pasta sauce, a slice of cheese, and half a tub of hearty greens… 

“Such a glamorous life is mine,” I continue as I rummage through the cupboard, pop open the can of refried black beans, and unclip the bag of verging-on-stale tortilla chips.

“Oh, how truly lucky I am,” I go on, the chips dipping down into the can of beans and traveling one after another into my pondering mouth as I stand over the kitchen sink.