El albergue

El albergue

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This new year

Life seems to always be about adjustments, about figuring out how to function and succeed in the midst of new situations, new jobs, new seasons of living. There’s a part of me that this frustrates immensely, as just about every time I start to settle comfortably into a routine and feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things, something has to go and change it all up on me. Gone is all the stability I’ve been working so hard to create. The outline of my days is completely different, and new guidelines for living in this new place have to be set up and understood.

Of course, if life was always the same and never changing, it would be…. stagnant. It would inevitably grow old and boring. Change is what keeps me on my toes, growing, learning.


Even though I know this obvious truth and more often than not welcome the exciting new adventures that change brings my way, there are times when I just wish I didn’t have to go through all the struggle of readjusting all the time.

This new season of life especially seems to be more difficult for me to figure out than many in the past for some reason. Funny thing is, it hasn’t really hit me until recently. I have been trundling along, single-mindedly focusing all my energy into a few key points of existence, and only now am I realizing how many things have really actually changed in my life of late and how many things from before are missing. Sometimes, when I sit and think about everything this entails, it starts to overwhelm me.

So this year, as I seek to readjust myself to the place and time in which I find myself, I have to remember that God brought me here for a reason, and that because he wants me here, he will take care of me in every area of my life, inward and outward. I know that he’ll give me the grace to figure out how to fit all the activities I WANT to do around all the new responsibilities I HAVE to take care of. Friends, writing, music, exercise, and the like are the things he has placed in me as a part of who I am, so I KNOW that he’ll help me fit them all back into my life.

How that will happen, how it will all work out, I’m still not sure, but one thing I do know for sure – 2015 lies before me like a giant question mark, leading I don’t know where, but tinted with the colors of expectation and encouragement.

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