El albergue

El albergue

Monday, October 6, 2014

The joy of the Earth

Sunshine and the dust of ages floated quietly down through the redwood branches from the spots of blue far overhead. My lungs pulled deep, filling to the brim with the green sweetness of the air. My feet trod lightly on the needle-strewn path winding among gnarled old roots. And I was covered, almost chilled, by the calming shadows of the wood, our pace too meandering to warm my fingers and toes.

As I walked along with my friend Kathy, learning about the different habitats of the Jughandle State Park, I looked about me and just had to smile. It was all so beautiful. Even the trailing groups of school kids on a field trip made the scenery seem more real, rather than detracting with their happy vocal antics. The woods felt alive, close, meant to be lived in and enjoyed, a place to listen and smell and simply absorb.

And the path along the bluffs filled me with complete joy and a sense of being at one with the world. I don’t know what it is about a bracing wind whipping my hair about my ears as waves surge against the rocks below and the sun sets gently on the horizon… but it kind of fills me with this strange energy, this desire to run and leap and sing and dance and beat my fists against my chest as I shout to the skies. In this instance, I settled for a bit of a hop skip here and there and a big cheesy grin pasted across my face, but it was still a pretty perfect moment. 

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