El albergue

El albergue

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well, that was quick!

Hmm. Wow. As I sit here contemplating all the things I’ve neglected writing down this past fair bit of time, I’m kind of overwhelmed. There’s so much to tell that my fingers have been baulking all day at the monumental task my brain has been trying to prepare them for the past few days. The last thing I wrote about happened a whole two months ago. TWO MONTHS!!! Did I drop off the face of the Earth? Die a tragically sudden death? Randomly decide that the internet is as evil as *they* say it is and should be avoided at all costs humanly possible?

Well… no.

A whole lot sure has been going on though. For starters, I spent two more lovely weeks in Sydney after that Tazzy trip, enjoying really great quality time with two visiting friends from back home for a little while and then just with my brother and his wife. We spent two nights at a cabin, hiked fun trails, went wine tasting, explored exciting restaurants, and had lots of hugs. Then I was welcomed back to the good ol’ US of A by my oldest brother, his wife, and their charming baby girl, a precious little thing that I got to know during the two nights I spent with them in LA.  A week in San Diego with three of my very best girl friends, and then I was back home in Shafter, unsure of what my next step was going to turn out to be.

Now this is where things get interesting.

During my year in Sydney, I decided that I wanted to get into the Hospitality sector, more specifically small inns or Bed and Breakfasts. Well, remember those friends who were visiting during my last bit in Australia? When I was telling this decision to one of them, she got really excited and burst out with the news “My godparents own a B&B in Northern California!” While I was in San Diego, she emailed her godparents to ask if they needed any help around their place, CCing me of course, and they replied that although they didn’t, they could get me the contact information of two other inns that were going to be in need of an innkeeper soon. A lot to keep track of? I know – this is what I came home to when I finally opened my email!

So I called up the two inns that were looking to hire, and after a little phone tag and mismatching of schedules, I ended up having basically a phone interview with one of them that finished off with the pleasant words “We think you’d be a really good match for us, and we’d love to meet you and have you come check out our inn.” So two weeks into my stay home, and I was heading up to Mendocino for an interview! My mom was a champ and went with me on a lightning trip – 9 hours up, sleep, one day there, sleep, 9 hours back – and by the time I was back home, I had two jobs and a place to live all lined up, ready and waiting for me to start a new life in two weeks.

I had one week of working with my dad and one week of prep, running around trying to make sure I had everything I needed. In that time my little sister was also packing up and heading off to Prague to teach English – craziness was going on in that house, let me tell you! And then it was my turn to grab my parents and make the long drive up to Mendocino from Shafter on my birthday. God bless my parents for helping me out!

Now, here I sit on my bed, in a room looking out on woods and a back yard lit up by the late afternoon sun, nearly a full week of work logged in the books. It seems all a bit surreal to tell the truth. I should leave it here though, because there’s a birthday party I’ve been invited to, and as my new roommate says, “To have the chance to meet people and make new friends in a new setting right away is a blessing.”

So, more later!

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