El albergue

El albergue

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


As I sit floating in the gentle swells, I can’t help but smile. You know those big grins that kind of take over your entire face just because all the loose ends of your life have been neatly tucked out of view for a short while and everything feels right, wholly and completely right? That’s what has infected me.

Gone is the clamor of neighboring train tracks, cars, and kids. Gone is the dry brown of our inland suburb. Gone the stress of job searching and worrying about the future.

Right now at Hyams Beach, all that exists in the world is the rhythmic beat of the waves on the shore and a feeling of deep peace welling up out of the turquoise waters surrounding me. Kind white clouds frame the brilliant blue of the sky, matching the white sands that softly mark the edge of my turquoise haven.

I look down at my toes far below me, gently moving to keep me afloat – the lens of the water has turned them to turquoise as well, perfectly matching the polish on my toenails. I can even see the sandy bottom a bit farther down, ripples and swirls barely showing where the waters have been moving most.

And so humdrum and normal drift off to sea as I stretch out my arms and swim, soaking up as much of this beautiful turquoise as I possibly can, with a grin that just won’t quit.

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