El albergue

El albergue

Friday, April 11, 2014

To wrap things up

Well, there seems to have been rather an egregious delay in finishing up with Mom and Dad’s visit… Hmm… With four days left to catalogue and any inspiration from the moment long gone (it has been several months, after all!), there is only one thing for it – photo highlights!

DAY 13:
Lovely, lazy morning at the Pagoda Lodge, basking in the sunshine amid the happy jumble of the place.

Feeding the friendly ducks who ate right out of our hands.

Delighting in the joys of the quaint Mahoe Cheese Factory.

Sipping fantastic wines at the classy yet casual Marsden Estate Winery.

Picnicking with the wandering roosters in sunny Keri Keri.

Exploring the first building built in New Zealand.

Evening hiking through winding forest paths to a hidden waterfall.

DAY 14:
Lazily sailing about the Bay of Islands with the chilly breeze filling out the sails.

Kayaking off the boat around a lovely lagoon.

Trekking to the top of an island lookout, boat riding the gentlest of swells below.

DAY 15:
Morning hiking to Rainbow Falls, a good farewell to Keri Keri.

Clambering about Abbey Caves, getting a bit muddy and wet in our search for twinkling glowworms.

DAY 16:
Spending a few blissful last hours in the colorful bowers of the Auckland Botanical Gardens. 

All in all, good times, for sure!

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