El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Waiting Game

When one moves to Australia for a year with the Work Holiday visa, one has lovely dreams of cuddling koalas, trekking through gorgeous jungle, exploring the streets of world-famous Sydney, and easily finding a job when needed to keep the journey rolling. One does not generally think about how such a move goes when the job is needed in order to finance even the beginning of the trip. Or when such a job is hard to come by.

When the list of jobs applied for keeps getting longer, and replies are few and generally negative, one single interview seems like a beacon to which cling all one’s hopes and dreams. That interview might become a second interview… ecstasies of joy threaten to burst out from the more sensible restraints of a common sense saying the goal is not yet fully grasped. …and then comes the final negative. A bit of a blow.

But hey, that blow may be ameliorated by another hint of a working possibility in the near future. And if the near future doesn’t come for a couple more weeks? One must hunker down, so to speak, laptop at hand and finger on the pulse of several career sites, applying here and there and just about darn well everywhere. Hoping for a nearer and surer relief.

Go to the gym. Do laundry. Apply for jobs. Clean. Make food. Read. Apply for jobs. Make food. Wait for replies. Apply for jobs.

Wait for replies.

Seasons pass and mountains fall, and still one sits and waits.

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