El albergue

El albergue

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parents in Paradise, Day 1

I just realized the other day that although this blog was in large part created to document travelling adventures, I had utterly failed to write about the biggest trip in my recent life. Maybe it was just the overwhelming number of days and experiences to write about that made me put it all off and forget about it… Whatever the reason, over the next couple of weeks I will be posting about the 16 days I spent with my parents as they travelled around Sydney and New Zealand.

Their first day here, Mom and Dad were troopers. They made it all the way out to the suburb where I’m living with my brother and his wife, navigating a new (to them) public transit system all by themselves early in the morning, and even though eyes kept drooping and feet were hurting, they made it through a fairly full day of activities.

Kali took us to campus before her classes started, so we got to go look around and see a little bit of the University of Sydney. It’s a really nice campus, with large green spaces and a fun mix of modern and old-style buildings. In fact, it kind of reminded me of my alma mater UC Davis with how open and green it was… although the mixed-in Harry Potter-esque buildings were a deal more stately than ol’ Mrak Hall.

It was interesting to walk through Graffiti Tunnel and see all the layers and
generations of paint applied by students down through the years.

The Quandrangle - so cool!

After a surprisingly delicious lunch at a rather unprepossessing hole in the wall called Darling Thai, we headed to the train, getting a little humid along the way from the surprise shower that spattered us all over with big, sloppy, dripping drops. Not enough though to dampen our spirits.

Our adventuring goal for the day was to explore the Royal Botanical Gardens. We walked north up The Domain, full of wide fields and huge old sinewy trees, then stopped for an hour at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which really merits at least two or three hours to fully visit just the free exhibits. We finally made it into the Botanical Gardens and got to see a few of the areas before Mom’s feet could handle no more, at which point we sat for a few minutes in the lovely little herb section before heading over to catch the train in Circular Quay.

These trees looked like the perfect place for hide and seek.

So many plants!

I really liked these flowers... they smelled so wonderfully sweet too.

"Go away for a minute and look at those flowers, Laura. Please, please, please just let us sit for a while!"
Once home, we made dinner for Zach and Kali and had a little bit of family time in the living room before Mom and Dad shuffled off to their bed, telling me over their shoulders that although I had been a horrible slave driver during the day for not letting them nap even once, they were now going to sleep, so there.

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