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El albergue

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Market Day!!!

Gotta find our way to the market!

On my parents’ second day in Sydney, we went to one of my favorite things in the whole world – a giant farmer’s market. We got off the train at Flemington, followed the line of people snaking over an elevated walkway that disappeared between two huge aluminum-sided buildings, and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of the Saturday market scene.

First, we had to pass through a big flea market with lots of 2nd and 3rd hand stuff. I bet you could find just about anything you wanted there. Stereo? Check. Pots and pans? Check. Engine tools? Check. Babies? Check. Just kidding! But seriously, there was a lot there.

Weaving our way through all the wares, we entered the eye of the storm. Imagine a huge warehouse with massive doors open to the sunshine, and tables and booths crowded into every inch of floor space, covered with leafy piles of greens, ruddy groupings of apples, dusty pumpkins, exotic mushrooms, and so much more. Throw in at least a hundred vendors, a few of them testing out the strength of their lungs as they shout out prices for their boxes of produce over the hubbub of several hundreds of customers talking, excuse-me-ing, and discussing the goods they see in such messy splendor before them. All that noise rises up into the metal rafters far overhead, gets all stirred up together, and comes echoing back down to add back to the already confusing mix.

So much fun!

How could you not love this place?!

There were, of course, a few other things on our plate for the day, like the artisan market we went to in The Rocks with Zach and Kali later in the afternoon. This market, although a fair bit pricey, had tons of fun things to see. My favorite part was talking with a goofy licorice salesman as Mom searched for a nice picture to take home.

Just a few too many options...

Also enjoyable were going to the new city campus for Hillsong Church, grabbing dinner with one of Kali’s classmates and his wife in Chinatown, and watching the weekly fireworks in Darling Harbour. A little stroll around the Harbour, an extra big scoop of gelato from a friendly server, and a really cool little water park made the day complete.

But the best part was definitely the market at Flemington.

Sure do love me some fireworks

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