El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little trip to the opera

On the fifth day of my parents’ stay in Sydney, the three of us got all dressed up and headed out for a day on the town… Here are a few of my favorite highlights.

Big surprise! Food is at the top of the list!

Highlight 1: lunch at Portabello Café in Curcular Quay.
With a lovely view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, this little spot was perfect. The gulls pattering across the umbrellas overhead were eyeing our food, but ah well, they had reason to. We had a superb Artichoke Panini that just leaked deliciousness and a Smoked Salmon Panini that amazed with its savory delight. But the best part was the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. The chocolate shortbread crust was delicately crunchy. Then came an oozing layer of salted caramel, a creamy chocolate filling airier than custard yet more solid than mousse, and crystalline chunks of caramelized pecans. Oh heavens.

This picture does not nearly do it justice.

Highlight 2: South Pacific at the Opera House!
One of Mom’s dreams came true this afternoon, as we stepped into the lovely Sydney Opera House to pick up our tickets and find our way to the correct auditorium with our seats tucked away into an upper corner. It was a great musical, and we had a lot of fun letting the actors sing us away across the seas to join in with Nellie Forbush, Bloody Mary, Billis, and all those other unforgettable characters. I think my favorite song was “Gonna wash that man right out my hair.” It’s just so dang catchy!

Look at that happy face :)

Highlight 3: Dad’s superb chivalry.
To get to and from our seats up top in the Opera House, we had to ascend and descend a cozily carpeted staircase that twisted about between landings that all kind of looked the same. Now, as we were heading out during intermission to walk around a bit and enjoy the scenery outside, we happened to be in front of an older couple. We reached a landing with a door, and Dad, being the extreme gentleman that he is and thinking we had come to the way out, kindly swung it open with a gracious smile on his face. It wasn’t until Mom and I started laughing at him that he actually looked behind the door he had just opened to see… a closet! A slight look of confusion passed over his face, and then he sheepishly swung the door shut as the three of us gave in to a terrible attack of the giggles that lasted until far after we were all the way down the stairs and outside. Even now, almost two months later, just the thought of this brief episode still makes me want to laugh hysterically. So funny!

Good times, good times...

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