El albergue

El albergue

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kitchen Time

Ok, there was too much magic happening in our kitchen the other day to keep it all to myself. Seriously, so much good stuff! Delicious! I simply HAD to share these ideas and let the goodness out.

First, Breakfast Hash. Zach and I teamed up for a tasty breakfast, sautéing pumpkin, red bell pepper, onion, and cilantro into a gloriously warm hash, which we then served over whole grain toast with a beautiful egg over easy as the crowning glory. A little Parmesan grated over the whole, and it was the perfect follow-up to a morning at the gym.

Then for lunch… Hot Cabbage Salad with Sausage and a Yogurt Lime Sauce. Yes, that’s right. HOT cabbage salad. Weird, right? Wrong! Ribboned cabbage lightly sautéed into a mixture of thinly chopped carrots and celery is great, especially when dressed in Greek yogurt, fresh lime juice, and a few of the earthier spices. Slice in some piping hot Mexican-style sausage (or what the Australian grocery store calls “Mexican”), and you’ve got a hearty, flavor-packed meal in a bowl.

That same day, some friends were coming over for dinner, which occasion we took as permission to kick it up a notch. Enter baked brie. A delightful thing, especially when topped with a generous portion of plum jam and gift-wrapped in the toasty brown, buttery goodness of puff pastry. Mmm… the jam melts, the cheese puddles, the pastry dough is pure heaven…

Ahem, sorry about that.

Anyway, course two of dinner. Soy and Brown Sugar Beef with Asian-esque Salad. Those thin slices of salty barbecued goodness went perfectly with our bright salad filled with enoki mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, been sprouts, chopped peanuts, shreds of mint, and a tart sesame ginger lime dressing. Match made in heaven.

…And then heaven actually came to Earth in the form of lovely apple bread. Kali and I saw the recipe online the day before and decided it must be done for the betterment of our lives. It was just so much fun to make, spiraling apple slices and strips of dough around and around, and so much more fun to eat, with brown sugar glaze oozing down into all the cracks. And it was even better the next day, once the bread had time to really absorb the glaze.... mmmm.... so yummy...

End the night with some fresh sprigs of mint to make mint tea, and that, my friend, is what you call a successful day in the kitchen.

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