El albergue

El albergue

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little staycation

Sometimes, living in a big city and commuting about an hour to and from school and several private tutoring jobs feels a tad bit overwhelming. There are so many days that I feel like I hardly have time to sleep, let alone just sit, relax, and breathe deeply. However, the nice thing about being in a big city when you feel exhausted and in serious need of a little bit of rejuvenation is that there is almost always either someplace or something that you can go to and just enjoy. You can almost always find the means of an excellent “staycation.”

In fact, the past two weeks have held some lovely staycation moments for me and my friends.

First, an afternoon alone at a café, just sitting in warm sunshine and feeling the quiet joy of the day around me.
Then, a lunch/tea with friends, dressing up for spring, stuffing ourselves with delicious food, and being completely silly.
Arts and crafts time with two close girl friends, sorting shells we picked up at the beach and making our first forays into the world of necklace-making.
Fireworks!!! Basking in 20 glorious minutes of perfectly coordinated music and firework spectaculare, impossibly large grins on our faces.
An afternoon of tapas in La Latina, savoring the wonderful array of cuisine on the lovely La Musa terraza.
A tapas fair with a couple friends, wandering around the sports arena specially decked out with stalls from bars and cafés around Madrid, filling our stomachs with yummy things and then eating just as much again with our eyes as other grazers wander by.
A special dinner at home with roommates, everyone contributing a dish to create a delectable in-home moment.
More fireworks! (Both part of the week-long celebration of Madrid’s patron saint)
Roommate date night with Kels, just us, some salad, some fresh pizza, a little bit of TV, and a whole lot of good conversation.
A movie at home, relaxing and quiet.
Getting a haircut in the acquaintance of a friend’s apartment, chatting amicably, scissors snipping layers and the hands of a magician crafting something beautiful.
A lesson from a friend in making Spanish tortilla, talking, chopping, frying, talking, frying, talking, laughing, eating, and talking even more.
And of course, a nice mid-afternoon Sunday nap to make the weekend complete.

Mmmm... now I want some more of this staycation stuff!

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