El albergue

El albergue

Friday, April 5, 2013

Transition - Rome to Venice

Nice, quiet breakfast with our great roommates Adriano and Pablo. Chat a bit with the extremely friendly hostel staff member Claudio (him in Italian, us in Spanish!). Go to the grocery store… Oh no! Look at the time! Go! Go! Go! Hurry! Run! Catch the metro to the train station! Wow, just in time. 30 seconds on board, and the train starts to roll…

It's so nice to get great roommates when you're in a hostel!

Hmm… It’s been an interesting first day in Venice. It’s rather rainy and a fair bit colder than we were thinking. I think we’re both really tired too after nearly a month of going solid. Our minds have been running at full speed for a while, whirling around between school and private classes and running and church and friends. At last we have been forced to relax, and it has lead to a little emotional rollercoaster. Plus, it’s really stinkin’ cold. I mean COLD. As we snuggle in Ashleigh’s bed to get warm, we can hear the windows quivering beneath the united efforts of the wind and rain to break inside. In fact, you might almost say the wind is shrieking a bit in anger. But after getting lost in the cold maze of this tiny watery city, our hostel is like a safe haven. It’s a beautiful city though, and we did have some delicious pasta pomodoro for dinner, so we’re hoping for the best tomorrow.

This town seems to have potential...

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