El albergue

El albergue

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The last hurrah

Oo boy howdy are we ever dead, or as Ashleigh so eloquently put, we are falling apart. When we woke up this morning, we had slept really well, but we were still exhausted – puffy eyes and groggy brain exhausted. Breakfast helped a bit – we went to a nearby grocery store and grabbed bananas, blackberry and violet yogurt, and chocolate granola cookies. This was actually our 3rd pack of this brand of cookie this trip. They were just so good we couldn’t help getting more every couple of days! After eating our bananas on foot, we found a fence with a large stone ledge to lean against and use as a table, and we broke out the yogurt and cookies. The yogurt was really good with that delicate violet flavor beneath the blackberry. It went really well with our cookie spoons too. Num num num.

We wandered about for a while, enjoying the friendly weather and letting the streets take us where they would. We ended up coming out at the top of the Spanish Steps, our feet almost stumbling in our state of near complete exhaustion. It was a beautiful sight, and we enjoyed it silently for a couple moments, swaying slightly on our feet. It must have been all those miles we’d walked during that week as well as several nights of less than the optimal number of hours of sleep…

Ash and I meandered down the Steps and through the small streets in search of a café we might like, and we finally settled on one a few blocks away from the Steps with tables out in the small cobbled street. We sank into the wicker chairs, almost ready to go back to sleep, and ordered our coffee, our last culinary hurrah in Italy. Ash – a cappuccino. Me – café con panna, or a shot of espresso and a wonderfully large, dense chuck of freshly whipped cream. I added sugar and stirred it all together… it was like coffee cream. And when we crumbled some of those chocolate cookies into our cups… oh baby. It was no longer coffee. It was a wonderfully special treat.

Right now, we’re sitting at our table at the café, our empty cups at our elbows, quietly savoring these last few moments of our trip. There’s a little boy across the way nearly sleeping at the table with his family, his eyes heavy and his chin on the table. I feel like I would be in that state with only the slightest encouragement if I hadn’t just had an espresso. And here’s a street musician singing with his guitar, a lovely Italian goodbye to two American girls in Rome.

We were so tired that last night in Rome, but it was nice spending a little more time by the Trevi Fountain.

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