El albergue

El albergue

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day one in Rome

The Colosseum was our first site of the day - good start.

What a lovely breakfast brought out to us in the springtime garden. Coffee, danishes, juice, sunshine, friendly conversation with our roommate Adriano from Argentina. Breath deep and grin.

There's so much at the Trevi to make you smile.

We saw the cutest old couple at the Trevi Fountain. I want to be like them when I’m old – traveling with my husband and lover, quietly taking in the joys offered in all parts of the world in shared joy.

Beautiful sunset

Watching the sunset from the top of the Spanish Steps is so beautiful and calm. There is a sea of people spilling out below your feet and cascading down the regal tiers of stairs; there are still others ebbing and flowing around you and the crowd of street caricaturists, and yet you feel still, anchored to the solid stone banister in front of you as you lean out and gaze over the city to the pink and orange glow on the horizon. You notice the peaceful terrazas here and there graced with soft plants and quiet furniture and share in the enjoyment of early evening diners in the nearby open-air restaurant seating.

Gelatto was also a must this day. Big must.

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