El albergue

El albergue

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A few hours in Padua

We met up with Ash’s friend Clara at the train station after an agreeable little train ride from Venice. She’s from a little town in the mountains about 1 ½ hours to the north and is a smiling sweetheart. It’s fun to see how excited she seems to be to show us around part of her native country.
Such a pair of sweethearts

We wandered through some streets, eventually making our way to some little markets permanently set up in a couple of central squares. All the gorgeous veggies (boy do those artichokes look good) made me really want to go on a shopping binge and then make a delicious feast…

Street markets almost always have fun little things to discover. 

After a delicious lunch of pizza, polenta, spritzer, and squid cooked in its ink, we were completely full, but that didn’t stop us from getting gelato at supposedly the best spot in town… Rick Steve’s did it again. The luscious pear and chocolate scoops combined in my cup to take me back to a truly excellent chocolate bar I got in Helsinki… so good!

Clara had to go, so Ash and I meandered back to St. Anthony’s Basilica, one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Catholics. It was interesting to see the devotions of several people praying by his grave, touching the elevated marble sarcophagus with hands and foreheads, eye shut tight. In general, this church feels almost friendly and relaxing in comparison with some other churches we had been seeing recently.

Also in the Basilica - the tomb of the man who discovered Fallopian tubes, perhaps?
We were putzing around for a while, window shopping and book store browsing, when all of a sudden Ash remembered that the locker room we had put our back packs in at the train station closed at 6:00. Oh crap! We booked it back, slightly (or maybe a whole lot) worried. We got there 45 minutes after it was supposed to close, but THANK GOD they were still handing out luggage to other tardy folks!!!

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