El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beautiful Sevilla

This past Christmas break, I got the chance to go down to the beautiful Andalusian city of Sevilla with an awesome group of friends. For the first two days, there were six of us altogether, then for the last two it was just me, my roommate Kels, and our good friend Ashleigh. And every day, whether we were 6 or simply 3 strong, was a great experience. Besides just laughing our heads off while walking through streets full of Christmas lights and bustling holiday crowds, we enjoyed some epic moments together.

The Plaza de España in Sevilla is absolutely, positively gorgeous!!!

For example, at the end of our walking tour of the city, which left us in the amazingly beautiful Plaza de España, we took advantage of the wonderful sunshine to lay down on the colorfully tiled benches circling this 1929 expo extravagance and take a nap. Yes, we took naps. And it was epically wonderful. Warm sunshine in the middle of winter? Yes please! Napping outside? Always a yes! It was pretty awesome.

A quiet moment of rest

Another amazing moment was when we stumbled across this little paper shop. Ashleigh and I, proud book nerds, fell in love with the handcrafted sheaths of paper covered in beautiful, abstract designs and formed into gorgeous notebooks, planners, photo albums, sketching pads, and more. One of the employees was extremely accommodating and explained a number of the different designs to us. I think she was maybe just amused at our open-mouthed wonder and constant declarations of delights.

And of course, we had many wonderful meals. One dinner in particular was incredible. The restaurant was quiet, but very nice. The staff was very cordial. The prices were pretty affordable. And the food! Oh wow. The food. SO GOOD. We felt like we were indulging ourselves beyond our means as we savored a nice bottle of wine, fried eggplant with vanilla and honey, bright salad with a heavenly honey mustard dressing, creamy mushroom risotto, and a few other astonishingly tasty things.

Another memorable meal was breakfast our last day. We went to a little spot next to our hostel with a great deal – fresh orange juice, coffee, and a small toasted baguette with either crushed tomato and olive oil (very typical Spanish breakfast) or jam, all for only 1.60 euros!!! The food was really good too, the quality being much higher than the price. Plus, the lady who ran the place was really nice, and a police officer coming in for a morning coffee stopped to chat with us for a minute. On his way back out past our table, he paused, took a deep breath to concentrate, and wished us a wonderful stay in Sevilla in his best English. It was really sweet.

Such a colorful vista!

By the time we were heading back to Madrid, the three of us who remained (the others had continued on a tour of southern Spain) kept saying to each other how much we had enjoyed this trip to Sevilla. It’s a beautiful city, full of colors, quaint streets, quirky history, friendly and open people, and quiet corners perfect for stopping and simply enjoying life. It is beautiful. Beautiful Sevilla.

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