El albergue

El albergue

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The dog

I love that the office I'm doing my magazine internship in is so relaxed. I especially love that there are two dogs that wander around. Well, ok, so I really love the editor's dog. Maybe it's because I spend all day every day shut up in the editing office with the editor, sub-editor, and dog, so I don't really know the other one... but this one is adorable anyway.

 For instance, when he's not waddling his fluffy little white body around or snuffling asthmatically, he's usually sleeping on the editor's backpack on the floor. ...And he snores! yup. I'll be tweaking an article or editing some sound clips for my project, and from the other side of the room drift intermittent snorts coming from the pile of white curls with legs sticking out to the side.

 Sometimes though, he wakes up from his snore fest and really, really wants attention. In which case he waddles over to me, stretches his front paws up to my thigh, and begs with moist brown eyes and wheezy pants to be petted. So of course I have to pet him!

 Or, when the editor leaves the room to talk with someone, the dog either trots along with him, tongue lolling out, or sits right inside the door of our room, head cocked to one side as he watches his master. And when he gets shut in the room because the editor doesn't want him interfering with something, he sits expectantly in front of the door, obviously waiting for it to open right back up so he can be with his favorite person.

 So cute.

 (Note: this was originally posted September 14, but it needed some corrections, so here it is again...)

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