El albergue

El albergue

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tickets to the symphony

I have in my possession prime tickets to the symphony. To the most amazing audio dance there could be. And the best thing? They were free! AND I can use them over and over again. They never expire. They never go out of date. They are eternal, you might even say.

These tickets are perfect because the symphony is always changing its tune. The basic movements are often very similar. But the rhythms and sway change all the time. The instruments and musicians often change too. I’m never disappointed or bored.

Plus, the hours are perfect. I can take advantage of my tickets at any moment I choose. Seriously. Any time. Let me demonstrate…

I’m walking to the metro from my last private class of the day. I’m thinking of home. I’m ready to be there and not here. But then, the music starts. I hear the instruments tuning up around me. The symphony coughs and splutters to life as I begin to listen.

The wind instruments make a standout entrance in a forceful blast that sends dozens of crumbly leaves skittering across the sidewalk. They crescendo and decrescendo through the last leaves clinging to the tree limbs overhead.

The brass section makes its presence known. They blare out in the occasional car horn sounding across the open residential neighborhood. They blend a little better in the overall whole with the gentler revving and slowing of cars entering and exiting the roundabout.

The strings are soft and mild tonight. They shimmer through the hair falling over my ears. They caressingly bring forth a swaying vibrato with the long grass growing on the hills of the park.

The percussion lays a steady beat with the purposeful stride of my feet. They accentuate with the tinny clink of the key chain dancing by my side. The cymbals splash out a highlight in the muted crash of a basketball sinking through the hoop behind the rise.

There are even vocal solos tonight. A sharp tenor comes through, sounding rather like a dog. And a giddy young soprano shrieks out in laughing exuberance.

Slowly, the symphony fades to an end. The instruments fall quiet as I step into the metro. And there, another begins…

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