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El albergue

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, the other language assistant at my school and I got to teach the third and fourth graders a little bit about this quintessential American holiday. I love storytelling and being silly, so of course I hammed it up quite a bit, even going so far as to draw a truly horrid and inaccurate map on the blackboard to illustrate the voyage of the Pilgrims from England to their new home in America. But despite my lack of cartography skills, I think the kids enjoyed learning a little bit about a holiday that doesn’t exist in their culture. Plus, the description of all the food we eat on this wonderful day didn’t hurt either. After listing all the pies and other dishes of amazing deliciousness, I distinctly heard more than one student exclaim, “I want to go there!”

Then, to focus the kids on what the spirit of Thanksgiving was about, we did a class brainstorming session on the board of all the different things they were thankful for. And then we made hand-turkeys!!! Some of the end products only marginally resembled the birds they were supposed to the modeled upon, but they still worked just fine as a place to write down what they were each thankful for.

Nacho is thankful for:
"my frands, (friends) Christmas, this school, my spader (spider)."
And of course, the turkey has an epic collar. It's only natural.

Ari didn't quite get the instructions...
More than one thing fell victim to her overly exuberant pencil and scissors.
"I'm thansful (thankful) for the hospitals."
"I'm thanful ... " ???YES???
"I'm thanful mi (my) fried (friends)"
"I'm thanful mothers"
"I'm thanful ho..." I think that might be house...
But she totally got an A+ for cuteness. I mean, that turkey has a bow!

 And finally, all the turkeys went up on a big poster in the downstairs hallway.

Yay Thanksgiving!!!

And just for kicks and giggles, here's another poster the other language assistant and I worked on to teach the kids a little bit about our lovely home state. It took a while, but it was fun!

Isn't it beautiful??!!

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  1. I bet you described the mashed potatoes and turkey and gravy so vividly that your students couldn't help but fall in love with the holiday. I'd love to see you up in action in front of the blackboard some day! :)