El albergue

El albergue

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's talk food

I feel like so many of my posts end up being about food. Like the only really exciting thing in my life is what I eat. And yet, honestly, it really often is the true highlight of my days. Food. One of God’s greatest blessings to mankind in my opinion. I mean, just think about all the textures, colors, and tastes that exist in the world. There are so many that you could never truly experience each one, much less the endless combination possibilities. Maybe that’s why I’m always trying to make and eat new things – I am continually blown away by how amazing food is, by how one little change can make a huge difference in texture, aesthetics, or flavor. Or all of the above. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Take, for example, an experiment a friend and I embarked on a few weekends ago.

Our original intent was to make some terrific-looking veggie burgers we had seen on one of our favorite food blogs. But, en route to a third friend’s house to make said burgers, we somehow forget a few key ingredients…and the recipe. Sooooo……rather than admit defeat, we came up with something new! We roasted the butternut squash we had with some garlic cloves, cooked up the white beans, diced up the avocado, quartered our pita bread (yes, we were going to make pita burgers), and whipped up the crowning glory of a sauce that brought it all together.

This sauce was really the only mildly complicated thing in the whole meal, and it was really actually quite easy. It consisted of plain greek yogurt (oh how I love this stuff!), pepper, salt, paprika, maybe some powdered garlic and oregano…and bunches of fresh parsley.

Oh man, did that parsley pop! It’s brightly fresh flavor combined to perfection with the creaminess of the yogurt, and when slathered on top of a stack of pita bread, mashed squash with roasted garlic, avocado, and beans, it was heavenly. Also heavenly, and a little less messy, were the stacks with just one filler ingredient. The sauce went so well with everything! Although, if I did it again, I might want to mash the beans a little…hmmmm…

Speaking of mashing the beans, a couple nights later, my friend and I decided to take our leftover beans and garlicky butternut and go back to making those originally-planned veggie burgers. Best idea ever. Here’s the link. Go make them. NOW!!! 

*Note: we substituted butternut for sweet potatoes because that's what was available in our grocery store. Either way, it's delicious!

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