El albergue

El albergue

Friday, August 10, 2012

It happened again

It happened again, guys, my mind has been blown away by putting cheese together with things I wouldn’t normally ever have thought of putting it together with.  It all started this morning with me really just wanting to make banana pancakes with those incredibly ripe little guys I had stashed away in the fridge in order to keep them from going bad on me in the midst of all my erratic vacationing and away-from-homing.  So I tossed one into a bowl, mashed it up, and mix in most of the normal things that normally go into pancake batter.  I wasn’t following a recipe (WHAT??!! That doesn’t sound like me AT ALL…) so they didn’t really end up like the beautiful little fluffy rounds of bready goodness my dad always flips off his griddle, but they were tasty enough to cover for any strange textural things going on. 

Anywho, I have a friend from Venezuela subletting one of my roommates’ rooms for the summer, and recently she’s had her mother and cousin here visiting.  So there’s a lot of South American love going around over here, which is more than fine by me.  But this also means that we get to share a little bit of culinary culture.  Like this morning.

I offered my visitors some pancakes, which they accepted gracefully despite their slight strangeness, and they proceeded to put on butter, jam…and mozzarella cheese!!!  What is this sheer craziness I see before me?! 

Of course, who am I to judge, right?  Not too long ago I myself had been breaking the barriers that typically enclose the world of cheese.  So who was to say this wouldn’t be delicious as well?  Well, I tossed a little sliced creaminess on top of my peanut butter and homemade apricot jam, and you know?  It wasn’t half bad.  Far better than that I should say.  Maybe I’ll be joining in on this Venezuelan norm and strewing cheese of all types about on any and all pancakes, waffles, dessert crepes…  I promise not to get too carried away though…maybe.

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