El albergue

El albergue

Monday, August 27, 2012


I’ve been infected.  I was feeling solemnly contemplative as I sat here on the rocky outcropping next to the Sibelius monument, looking at the beautifully bright pipes jumbled together in decorative, floating clumps that remind me of an unearthly pipe organ and wondering what they mean, what they might possibly stand for.  When suddenly a group of American tourists trundled off their bus to take their 10 minutes’ worth of pictures before moving on to the next photo-snapping point.  Two of the ladies in particular  were enjoying themselves as they snapped pictures of each other sticking their heads in the pipes and giggling uproariously.  Just hearing them, my serious mood evaporated and a smile spread across my face – I do believe they’ve quite infected me.  It’s a good infection though, one I’ll welcome with open arms rather than seek to get rid of.  Maybe I’ll even spread it a little to someone else…

I found out later that this mystical organ was dedicated
to the music of the famous Finnish composer... 
...Jean Sibelius

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