El albergue

El albergue

Monday, August 27, 2012

Childish art

I came to the flea market this morning hoping for a treasure trove of fun things I could sort through to find the perfect mementos.  And although there is indeed an impressive array/smorgasbord of only heaven knows what, my favorite thing that I’m taking away isn’t something that I bought but rather something I saw…

I was browsing one seller’s table of old clothes and random knick-knacks when I saw a stroller parked next to two fellow female browers.  Since it’s universally known that babies are, usually, adorable, and I happen to believe this universally known fact, I sneaked a peak at the little blonde guy seated there.  And I noticed that he was happily engaged in something...  He had taken off one of his little leather loafers and was daubing what remained of his ice cream on a stick all over it, inside and out.  His caretakers were completely oblivious as he explored his experimental artistic side and swirled the popsicle stick about the inside sole, occasionally lifting it to lick at the chocolate that still clung on.  Of course, once the two women did realize what a creative genius their little charge was, they merely dabbed at the sticky mess before surrendering the masterpiece to the childish hands once again, with the one stipulation of a few soggy napkins that pretended to stand guard inside the shoe.  Who knows, maybe he’ll be a famous painter some day?

Another little kid with ice cream - her cone was as big as her head!

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