El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What happens when school gets out

Oh man.  I feel like the laziest bum ever.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  School finished with a bang on Tuesday, or rather a very big splash, as the water games got a little crazy and nearly every student went home a happy, sopping mess, then came the laziness.  There were no longer screaming, excited children that could barely be contained in a classroom.  There were no longer pretty much any immediate responsibilities which needed looking after.  So what did I do?  NOTHING.  Well, actually, I did do stuff, but lazy awesome stuff.  Like make these ridiculous schizophrenic brownies with my roommate.

And go read in the park.

And creatively improvise dinner out of nothing.

And then make English muffins to make a weird dinner completely amazing.

And clean…oh wait, not quite laziness material right there…

And catch up with friends I haven’t had time to talk to.

And help a friend pick out and plant new palm trees on his terrace.

And sit at home all day and watch about 6 hours of a new TV series.  Well, Suits isn’t new this year, but it’s only in its second season, and it’s new to me, so I think it still qualifies, right?  Anywho.  Great show.  I’m hooked.

However, these lazy days are about to end.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am hefting on my rather full backpack and heading out to meet up with the buses schlepping all the camp teacher/counselors out to two weeks of summer English camp.  I will be planning and running a class completely my own, which is kind of intimidating, as this year I haven’t had quite that responsibility, but I’ve got some awesome co-teachers I look forward to getting to know who will probably be happy to help me out.  The thing I’m most excited about – we’re going to be staying in an old (ex) monastery!  How cool is that?!

I’ll be sure to update ya’ll as the week gets going, but for now, in case anyone has a hankering for some RIDICULOUS brownies, try these suckers out…

Yay summer!!!

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