El albergue

El albergue

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A list of new memories

Katie and I experienced so much during the one short week that she was here, that there’s no way I could let you in on all of it.  So instead, I think I’m going to give one outstanding moment from each day that she was here, eight sweet memories that I will always hold dear.

Friday: Between a delayed flight and me going to every single terminal but the correct one, I just barely made it to the arrivals gate before Katie walked out – she was tired, and I was feeling the adrenaline from frantic searching pumping through my veins, but we were excited to see each other.  Ah hugs…

Templo de Debod!
Saturday: After a successful day of sightseeing (aka lots and lots of walking) and yummy food, we had a private dance party back home, just the two of us plus my roommate Kels.  So. Much. Fun.

Sunday: We decided not to go to church since Katie wouldn’t understand any of it, everything being in Spanish, so instead we went with Kels and another friend to the giant outdoor Sunday market called El Rastro as well as one super delicious lunch at a Senegalese restaurant in a nearby barrio.  Such succulently rich flavors exploded in our mouths via the tenderest of chicken in a savory onion sauce and the most perfectly spiced of rice and vegetable dishes in the world. 

The flower stalls in Tirso de Molina are so pretty!
Monday: Again, lunch was my favorite part of the day.  Not to say that some epic sight seeing didn’t go down.  But honestly, if you had eaten lunch with us, you would understand.  Creamy basil tomato soup.  An intriguing dish of eggplant layered with meat and cheese, lightly battered and fried, and swimming in a béchamel sauce.  Hearty huevos estrellados, with delightfully fried potatoes mixed in with soft eggs and slivers of cured ham.  Wonderfully light salmon and dill sauce.  Excellent white wine that combined with everything to heavenly perfection.  Then dessert…exquisite chocolate mousse…and pumpkin pie with bright kiwi sauce, yes, that’s right, kiwi sauce – you don’t know what you’re missing.

We were enjoying the day in Plaza Mayor...

Serving the natural cider was so fun!!!
Tuesday:  We headed out to Salamanca for a two-day trip with Kels and one of her friends who was also in town visiting.  And on top of getting to share this lovely little town with good friends, Kels and I got to impart to our visitors the delight of Spanish tapas.  We hit up a couple of different tapas bars, indulging in such deliciousness as potatoes drenched in a goat cheese sauce, sangria, natural cider, pimientos padrón (little sweet green peppers fried and then sprinkled with coarse ground salt), pinchos (smallish pieces of bread topped with a myriad of amazing combinations), chorizo, and something called a rufada – think French bread stuffed with fried eggs, potatoes, and ham.  Delish.

Salamanca's Plaza Mayor is gorgeous as night
Wednesday:  After getting back from Salamanca, Katie and I took naps before going to Dixieland jazz with some friends – I wrote about this place a while back, but let me just say again that it is great!

Thursday:  This was the day of the epic all-nighter.  After dinner, we went with a group of friends to someone’s house for a private salsa lesson so all the beginners would know what to do, then it was off to the salsa club, where we stayed until five or so in the morning.  After, churros con chocolate, home to shower and pack and such, and then a friend drove Katie and I to the airport around 8:30.

Friday: As we stood in the airport at security, I gave Katie hugs for all her family as well as my family and her.  It was a special moment, and there were definitely tears hovering on eyelashes when we pulled apart and she walked off toward her life back in California.

All in all, a good week.

I think she had fun :)

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