El albergue

El albergue

Friday, April 13, 2012

Our day in Vienna

Once we got to Vienna, we had two nights there, but we really only had the one day between those two nights to go sightseeing, as we got in latish the fist day and left really early the last.  So, we packed that day as tightly as we could, and this is what it sort of looked like:

Get up.  Eat breakfast.  Chat with the friend we got to stay with.  Then….

Get on the subway go to the Schönbrunn Palace which used to be the royal summer palace ask awkward tourists to take our photo for us climb the steep hill to the magnificent Gloriette behind the palace pause to look out over the giant gardens stroll back down through the shade of the foresty area and the bright sun of the open grass find our way around the side of the incredibly symmetrical palace with softly glowing yellow walls come across a small Easter market in the palace’s front courtyard…

Just the summer residence, no big deal...
A certain queen had the Gloriette built so that she
could take her coffee there every morning.

Kels had a sugar-covered pretzel.  Me, definitely went for the pizza pretzel.
How could I pass up such tastiness?
Eat amazing pretzels.  Sit in bright egg-shaped chairs.  Relax in the sunshine and watch as various young people attempt to master using stilts.  Relax some more.  Then…

Get back on the subway get off at Karlsplatz sit in front of the gorgeous Baroque cathedral there people watch head off try to help some other tourists find their way sneak into Starbucks to use the restroom go on a little detour to check out a building hiding around the corner come across the cutest park realize that it’s actually the park behind the Hofburg Palace wander around to the front of the newer wing of the palace sit at the foot of a statue and look out over more trees and city buildings at the Rathaus/the beautiful gothic town hall wander around to the front of the older wing that is inconspicuous in that it opens directly onto the street with no intervening gardens or courts look around the inside court a little try to figure out which Hercules statues we recognize from the Disney movie go find the famous Demel café go right back out when we see the line waiting for a table…

Karlskirche, the beautiful Baroque cathedral in Karlsplatz

It would have been nice to actually visit the Rathaus, but
since we didn't have much time we just had to content
ourselves with looking at it from afar.
Even though it didn't boast any grand gardens or outer
courtyard, the older wing of the Hofburg certainly was
Find the tiny café recommended to us by our friend.  Sit down.  Have a café mélange.  Relax.  Then…

Go back up the street towards Stephansplatz to admire the ancient gothic cathedral dominating the center of the city pray earnestly that the occasional rain drops don’t turn into a downpour get lost a little shiver over our map as the wind picks up miraculously find our war again reach this rather interesting housing project built by an architect who professed to be a student of Gaudi wander some more streets catch the subway and…

It would have been super interesting to see the inside too,
but I don't think the people living there generally open
their apartments to the public...
Make it back to our friend’s apartment for a quiet evening. 

It was one very full day, for sure!

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