El albergue

El albergue

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An hour or so in Bad Ischl

On the way from Salzburg to Hallstatt, we had a connection to make between bus and train that happened to land in the little village of Bad Ischl, one of the many charming little towns tucked away into the lakes region of the Alps.  We had been planning on catching the soonest train after getting off the bus, but it was such a lovely day, and the tiny streets and adorable buildings gleaming in the sun convinced us to stop and enjoy the scenery.  And because we stopped, we not only got to relax in the sunshine in a beautiful garden and stroll along an enchantingly aquamarine river, we also got to meet to friendliest little Austrian lady.  We were wandering around the entrance of the above-mentioned garden, when she came up to us, greeted us with the hugest of smiles and the crinkliest of eyes, and excitedly asked us in her broken English where we were from and how long we would be staying in town – Kels and I were more bummed than ever that we didn’t speak even a word of German, because she would probably have been really fun to have an actual conversation with.  And as she wished us the best of journeys and we watched her spry little back bobbing away, I think we both felt our hearts grow a size or two bigger.  Definitely worth the pause in our trip.

It really was a lovely little town

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