El albergue

El albergue

Friday, April 13, 2012

Eating our way through Prague

Prague was a good way to end our Easter vacation.  We spent nearly three days there with Kels’ younger sister, just hanging out, taking lots of pictures with the beautiful scenery of the old city, learning a little about the history of the place….and eating lots and lots of amazingly delicious food at the Easter fair in the Old Town Square.  We spent a couple of hours in that market every day, enjoying to the utmost the delectable profferings of the various vendors.

The unchallenged favorite of all three of us was some kind of traditional cake with a name unpronounceable to these English-speaking lips.  It wasn’t really like any cake that we had ever come across – rather than being baked in big sheets and served in squares on plates, it was cylindrical.  How is that possible?  Well, the dough was rolled into strips and wrapped around a metal cylinder that rotated over an open fire, and as it cooked, the strips baked together to form a winding pastry with a texture something like a fluffy, bready pie crust.  Once done, the steaming cakes were rolled in sugar and almond flakes and then served straight into our adoring hands in all their steaming glory.

Nom nom nom!!!

A close second were the potato pancakes.  These were small patties of shredded potato and onion fried in boiling oil and served up fresh with a pile of sauerkraut.  They were incredibly savory, with a hint of tanginess and more than a hint of delicious saltiness.

We also tried a fry bread of some sort doused in garlic butter and covered with cheese, a paper bag of homemade potato chips, sausage wrapped in dough similar to that of the cylindrical cakes, steaming spaetzle with spinach, barbequed chicken kebab baguette sandwiches, and some breathtaking gingerbread.  This gingerbread came in thick, toothy chunks covered with a sugary glaze, releasing with every bite a symphony of flavors – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and a few other spices forming the background against which the sharpness of anis really shone.  It felt decadent.

The astronomical clock in the Old Town Square
was a true work of art.
There were many other incredible things about our stay in Prague, including a historical tour, a couple of hours in the Communism Museum, exploring the castle, meeting people in the hostel and walking up and down the uniquely wonderful Charles Bridge.  But really, to be completely honest, the food was my favorite part.  

Maybe that’s why I’m starting to feel a little soft around the middle…

We quite enjoyed walking by the river

Prague really is a beautiful city.

Our last visit before we headed back to Madrid was the John Lennon wall,
where Beatles lyrics, random quotes, and the like had been boldly painted
by hundreds of anonymous hands.

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