El albergue

El albergue

Friday, March 16, 2012

La Granja

Ok, so imagine me alternately feeding like a queen and being mobbed by ecstatic little children, the warm sun shining down on the open scrub of the countryside.  Do you have a good picture?  Now, where do you think I am?  You probably can’t guess, so I’ll tell you – I am at La Granja, a farm camp/get away for school children and their teachers, where the children learn all sorts of fun things and have free license to get completely dusty from head to toe and the teachers trail around after the counselor-led groups when they’re not relaxing on the porch with some delicious breakfast/snack/appetizers/oh-my-gosh-it’s-another-meal.

While here, I get to feed a three week-old lamb, pet one week-old kids, hold a chicken, chase a rooster, and make fun of the strangest looking fowl I have ever seen.  I get to pretend to play soccer with some of the boys and volleyball with some of the girls.  The kids get to feel proud over how much Spanish they are “teaching” me as they dog pile on me in the middle of the heavenly-smelling herbs I’m trying to help them gather.  All of us teachers get the chance to get to know one another a little better over the never-ending parade of meals.  And as we leave, I get to look forward to the chance to come again next year.  Heck yes.

It was so lovely to get out of town and breath country air.
How can a chicken have any self respect with so much fluff???
(The rooster had even more - we couldn't see his eyes!)

It was so freakin' adorable!

The bull wasn't very into getting petted.


Springtime is beautiful!!!

All those really little, bushy, light green shrubs in the foreground are
called cantueso in Spanish - I think it's related to lavender.

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