El albergue

El albergue

Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s a Spectator Sport

“Well, folks, it’s been a quiet day here at the San Nicasio metro station since the mad rush of morning commuters went by many hours ago.  Nothing much to see now except the odd teenager striving to impress the girl tenuously attached to his side as they meander across the foyer towards one or the other of the two the boarding platforms.”

“To be honest, Tom, I think the most excitement we’ve had all day was placing bets on which platform that extremely confused newbie commuter was going to decide on.”

“That’s right, Jim.  It really was a toss-up as to which way he was going to go.  The poor guy looked so uncertain as he stared at the metro map on the wall.  Must have been – “

“Wait, Tom!  Looks like we’ve got a little action starting up!  It’s that girl in the bright red coat we saw go down to the left-hand platform just five minutes ago!”

“And now she’s racing back up the escalator and across the foyer, heading straight for the right-hand platform!”

“But the train on that side has already pulled in and come to a full stop!  Is she gonna make it??!!”

“I don’t know – she’s so close!  GO, RED COAT, GO!!!  You’re almost there!”

“Ahh no!  There goes the door buzzer, and she has to pull up just steps away as those doors slide inexorably shut!”

“What a race, Jim!”

“She must have realized as the train pulled up opposite her that she was on the wrong side.”

“That would explain the quick foot work going down those escalator steps.”

“She looked so confident as she went down to the left-hand platform though, it’s kind of hard to believe that she could have made a mistake.”

“These things happen, Jim.  Sometimes, even the best commuters make a wrong turn, simply because they’ve got their minds elsewhere and aren’t paying attention.”

“Well, Tom, just look at her face as she sits down on that bench to wait for the next train – you can tell she won’t be making that mistake again any time soon.”

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