El albergue

El albergue

Friday, February 24, 2012

Every day is a good day

A couple years ago, an amazing older lady from my church back home told me “Every day is a good day.”  That may sound sort of like the delusion of a hopeless optimist, but this woman has gone through a lot in her life, and hearing her say those words made me think about my own attitude towards my life – I was actually ashamed of all the complaints I had recently been making about the minor annoyances that were the only things I had to complain about.  Through the years, those words have stuck with me, floating through my head at regular intervals whenever I feel like complaining.  Whenever I hear her voice playing again in my mind, I am reminded that even though there are bad or simply annoying things that happen to us, there are so many more amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing blessings that God showers down on us – so many that when we take the time to recognize them, there is no way we can continue in any vein of negativity.

So, in the spirit of this wonderful woman’s words, I decided to think back over the past few days and remind myself of just a few of the funny, happy, or precious moments that have made up my week.

1.  On Tuesday, our school celebrated Carnaval, and I got to dress up with some of the second graders as a lion and parade around with the whole class as we showed off our gladiator-themed costumes.  Nothing is more fun than chasing little 7 year-olds around and pretending to eat them.

2.  I don’t remember which day exactly, but earlier this week, one of my little students gave me a drawing that she had made for me.  Above the basket of misshapen flowers were the words “FOUR LAURA.”  So precious.

3.  On Wednesday night, my roommates and I actually pulled out our table and ate dinner around it.  It’s more convenient to leave it in the corner behind the couches and eat with our plates on our laps because we have NO room in our living room, but there is something infinitely more relaxed about eating around a table with warm food, fresh bread, and a glass of wine – it foments lively conversation and strengthen friendships.

4.  On Thursday, when I asked one of my little guys to describe his favorite animal, which happened to be the tiger, his immediate response was “It’s furious!  GRRRR.”  The choice of adjective was hilarious enough on its own, but with the bared teeth and clawing motion of his fingers I almost burst out laughing.

5.  Going home with one of my tutoring students and his family one day, his little two year-old sister finally decided that she liked me enough to hold my hand almost the whole way to the car.  It was so fun galumping along with her baby version of skipping and listening to her tiny voice bubble out of her rosy little lips.

6.  And finally, today I just sat in the sunshine in Plaza de España and read.  Simply delightful.

Truly, every day really really is a good day.

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