El albergue

El albergue

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sights and Sounds of a Weekend

It’s the little things that make this life what it is:

The muted, underwater quality of the swift tump tump tump of the heels on my boots as they hit the path around the park heading toward the metro on the way home from a private English lesson.

The snapshot of the sunset that peeks through apartment buildings, coyly showing off a glorious marbling of vermilion sky and deep purple clouds.

The relaxed twilight of my bedroom as I languidly open my eyes to greet a blessedly late morning (oh, Persian blinds, how I love you).

The half-muffled strains of Adele seeping into our apartment from some neighbor’s open window.

The high-pitched beep beep beep of the cashier’s scanner at the supermarket as they race to get all my items in, followed by the crash of the change drawer as it bangs open, jingling all the coins inside.

The odd poses that tourists twist themselves into as they try their hardest to get that most perfect of funny shots with the fountain in the Plaza de España.

The soft whir of the fan in our little portable heater as it blows out delicious warmth into the relative silence of our lazy-day living room.

The delicate wafts of steam that dance above my fresh mug of hot chocolate.

The dramatic audio ups and downs of conversation with friends packed in like sardines around the dinner table in our hole of a living room.

The feel of a friend’s nose next to my ear as they try to shout something over the loudly rhythmic beat of salsa music in the club.

The sleepy nodding of an early morning commuter’s head on the metro as we head back home after finally leaving the club at 6 in the morning.

The sizzle of my roommate’s breakfast sandwich on the stove when we get up at 3 pm.

The subdued shimmering pink orb of the sun slowly sliding towards the skyline as I sit behind the Templo de Debod reading in the last of the sunlight.

The happy song of some hidden birds in the trees of Plaza de España trilling out over the thrum of an idling bus.

...........These are the things that make up my life here in Madrid, the little things that define my days.

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