El albergue

El albergue

Friday, January 27, 2012

Highlights of the School Week!!!

Monday was a rather uneventful day, although it’s always fun to see the bright little faces of my students after the weekend is over.  Of course, Monday morning they tend to seem rather more sleepy than bright and shining, but then again their appearance is probably a fairly accurate reflection of my own, so let’s just leave it at bright and shining.  However, during my afternoon tutoring session with two older students, I got to hold the pet bunny rabbit of the one is whose home we were studying.  That may not seem like anything super special, but there’s just something about cuddling a soft, warm, furry little body close to you and stroking it quietly.  I guess maybe I was missing my two cats back home.  Who knows.  However it may be though, I think I had a big grin on my face like that of a happy toddler, because my students were deriving amusement from it.

Tuesday, near the end of the day, I was reading a book one-on-one with one of our special needs students in the library corner of the class, when she realized I was wearing sparkly earrings and decided to investigate further.  I let her finger my bright green studs, slightly wary of any motion even hinting at pulling, when all of a sudden, she somehow got her finger in my ear!!!  Not exactly an awww moment, but it definitely was the most memorable event of the day.

Wednesday, during assembly, when we have the second graders on the ground in the front of the class to answer a set of questions like “How are you?” “What’s the date today?” and “What day was yesterday?”, I happened to be perched on a chair in the front, and one little boy was sitting right next to me.  Now, this little boy isn’t just any little boy from my class.  No, I would say he’s by far the most huggy little guy I have ever met in my entire life.  Sometimes I have to practically fight him off to be able to move about unhindered.  Well, this morning, since he was able to position himself right next to me, he had both his arms wrapped around my right leg and his head nestled against my knee for about half the assembly time.  So ridiculously cute.

Thursday, since my third graders were out on a field trip, I got to go help out with the preschoolers for a little bit.  Sure, they didn’t understand me very well, and I often got a sort of shyly blank stare in return whenever I asked one of them a direct question, but they were so adorable when we were playing our little preposition game – the teacher and I would say something like “Put your head UNDER the table,” and they would mill around in excited confusion until they saw us lead the way.  And even then, there was always someone who still didn’t quite get it and would sort of end up alone in the middle of the floor hopping from foot to foot, probably thinking something along the lines of “I just KNOW something really fun and cool is going on right now, but I have NO clue what it is!”

Friday, I don’t have to go to school, so I don’t have any personal highlights regarding my kids, but I’m sure the regular teachers (who don’t get the day off)  are mentally storing away plenty of their own.

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