El albergue

El albergue

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I’m so full!  Why?  Because I ate a lot, of course!  Ahhhhhh, what did I eat so much of…that’s the question is it?  Well, if you must know, I ate food.  Good, simple, fresh food made in our own kitchen at home.  First up, and the most filling factor in our meal, was rosemary bread.  It was my first solo attempt at making a loaf of yeast bread by hand, and although it came out rather tasty, it didn’t really rise at all, so it was incredibly dense.  I’m not completely sure why it didn’t expand into beautiful fluffiness, although it may have been old yeast, but I sure as heck did knead that dough into the most perfect state of “smooth elasticity” you have ever seen as I listened to some new music in the background that a friend gave me.  So kneading must not have been the problem…it must have been the yeast, simply MUST have been, because otherwise it would be MY fault.  Ah well.  Whatever the reason for its moist density, the bread was free from sticky doughiness and actually pretty delicious…meaning I ate more than my fair share of the steaming loaf.

Next up was roast butternut squash.  No funny stuff there, just straight up squash peeled and roasted in quarters with a little bit of olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper.  And yet simple as it was, it had a delightfulness all its own.  It also went very nicely with dish number three…

Cucumber, tomato, and garbanzo bean salad.  It combined the freshness of summer salad with the heartier feel always appropriate for winter with its mix of cool vegetables and boiled garbanzos covered with a stylish tahini dressing.  Tahini dressing, you say?  Just a spoonful of that delightful sesame paste blended with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and wonderfully smoky paprika was the perfect pairing for the veggies and beans.  And yes, I ate a whole lot of this magical mixture too. 

Plus – that’s right, we’re not done yet – a friend came over for dinner and brought “failed” brownies to share.  Those puppies were by no means a fail though.  They may not have been baked all the way, but that just meant that when you dipped into the pan with your spoon, you were greeted by the blessed sight of a fountain of fudgy delight oozing forth from the crustier outside.  It literally melted in our mouths, each bite begging for an encore, and before we knew it, we had almost finished the entire pan. 

Thus, I am ridiculously, and seriously, full.

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