El albergue

El albergue

Monday, December 19, 2011

A couple Christmas highlights so far

 Ok, so as the Christmas season gets farther and farther along (oh my gosh! There’s less than a week left before Christmas!!!), and more and more Christmas activities come up, I feel like there’s so much stuff I want to tell you about.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to adequately relate everything, nor do you have enough to read about it all.  So, I’ll give you just a few highlights here and there, letting you get a little glimpse of what this Christmas is like for me.

Heck yes!  An advent calendar!
First highlight: My roommates and I made our own advent calendar, with a little activity or verse or saying for each day.  Danielle and I had loads of fun being crafty and creating each individual day, and it’s exciting to know that each morning there is a new card waiting to be read.  Some good ones so far include Manicure Monday, watch a Christmas movie, give someone a hug, backrub train (heck yes!), and a silly Santa joke (What do you call someone who’s afraid of Santa Claus? …Claustrophobic!)

Second highlight:  getting to walk around at night and see all the Christmas lights, which are everything from creative to silly to simply beautiful.

Third:  watching all the Christmas decorations go up around the school and getting to see all the little kids gleefully spread glitter everywhere as they make stars and trees to put in the hallway.

The halls look so festive :D
Good food and good fun :)
Fourth:  Last Friday, a large number of the teachers from my school went out for a Christmas dinner.  So.  Good.  I’m not going to describe the food beyond saying that it was scrumptious, departing a little I know from my typical obsession with what I eat, because I would rather focus on the fact that I really enjoyed getting to hang out with some of these women outside the work arena and get to know them a little better.  We even went out to a bar afterward to get a drink and hang out some more – it was the director’s birthday, so we all toasted her and sang Happy Birthday.  Then she started asking me about guys and threatening to set me up with her nephew hahaha.

Fifth:  Yesterday was our church’s (Amistad Cristiana) Christmas program, in which I participated as a member of the angel choir that appeared to the shepherds.  (I know know all three verses of Joy to the World in Spanish)  I got to watch most of it, only missing out on the comical Wise Men when we had to leave our balcony staging area and go backstage.  I really enjoyed how the program as a whole involved a lot of different people from the church – teenagers, adults of all ages and talents, and the most adorable children – and how it was stylistically different from any I had ever seen before (Mary was a flamenco dancer, and there was some awesome lyrical dancing too, as well as some astounding jazzy numbers). 

Sixth: the most amazing light show and fireworks display I have ever seen.  Danielle and I managed to squeeze through the crowd for a decent spot in Plaza de Cibeles across from the giant government building they were projecting it on, which was nice, and during the entire thing I was grinning like a little child completely happy and overawed by the wonder of it all.

These aurora-esque lights were stunning

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