El albergue

El albergue

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13

Today was kind of exciting, kicking off a new round of activities for the next few days.  In the morning, we went out with a few students from the Student Friendship Center (where the two of us valiantly try to teach a conversational English class...on the days that there aren't any strikes going on, of which there have been quite a few in the past week or so)...oh wait, I got distracted...where was I?  Ah yes - so a few of us went out to a local college campus (there they teach grades 11 and 12) to hand out flyers and talk to people, promoting the SFC and the things it has to offer, those things basically being a computer class and a spoken English class (that's us!!!) taught in an open, friendly setting.  Most of the time we were out, I felt like it was just students staring at us two white girls from all sides, although we did actually manage to have a few small conversations with friends and acquaintances of the students we were with.  And of the gazillion flyers we handed out, at least two of them brought some new students into the SFC already!  (I only know this because they joined our English class this afternoon)  So after taking some group pictures on the campus because one of the guys we met really wanted a picture of Erika (who is blonde and blue-eyed), those of us from the SFC got some ta (snack) at a shop nearby (think oniony potatoey goodness wrapped in a fried dough and dipped in a tangy mustard-like sauce) before heading out.  Then skip ahead to late afternoon, and we had an English class that went oh-so-much more smoothly than that first day - Erika led a nice lesson on informal greetings and goodbyes, and there seemed to be a lot of good effort during the practice time.

Now, tomorrow will look much the same as today, I think, as we are going out to a different campus with the students from the SFC again.  But, right after English class, the two of us are going to the opening night of a 4-day youth conference/camp at a local church.  Young adults from their mid-teens to their early 20s are gathering from all around Khulna for a time of fellowship, worship, and growth, and we get to help!  In fact, I somehow ended up as one of the speakers on Saturday.  Oy vey.  I've never given a seminar/speechified like this before in my life!  Let's just say I'm a little nervous.  Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be the crazy white lady wandering the halls of our building and muttering to myself as I try to prepare for this talk (which is on Servant Leadership, by the way).  It just might be a little rough, but I'll definitely be praying to God for help (and maybe deliverance) every step of the way.

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