El albergue

El albergue

Monday, July 4, 2011

A teacher I am not

Monday, July 4, 6 pm

Oy vey.  Erika (my roommate for the next month) and I just got back from our first day of teaching English at the Student Friendship Center to a group of seven college students.  And it was a disaster.  Granted, it was the very first time ever for the both of us to be in that sort of teaching position, and we had absolutely no clue what we were doing, so it seems like it should be ok to say that we are going to be better prepared tomorrow, but when one of the more fluent students ends up taking over the class and basically deciding how things should go and everyone is talking loudly in Bangla for about half of the one and a half hour class's easy to feel a little helpless and inept.  The trouble is that we want to actually help these students improve their oral English abilities (straight up grammar they already know), but neither of us really knows the first thing about making up curriculum and running a classroom.  Luckily, there's another girl staying with us in Khulna for the week who got her MA in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum, so I think we're going to pick her brain for pointers while we still have her around as a resource.  After we sort through a little bit of hopefully helpful internet sites though, we should be a little more ready to actually impart something to these students and build relationships with them rather than watch in mute despair as chaos takes over like it almost did today.

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