El albergue

El albergue

Monday, July 18, 2011

Amazon woman

This morning as we were walking back to the SFC after flyering at another campus, I hit upon the exact word to describe how I feel in comparison with the Bengalis - Amazon.  Yes, that's right, I feel like an Amazon woman here.  It was especially clear when we were on the campus and I was head and shoulders taller than most of the guys (I guess most of the students there were male) as they crowded around our little group clamoring to take a picture with the alien white girls.  Then when we were walking back, I kept having to stoop down a little in order to hear the SFC students as we talked.  This sensation of being bigger than everone somewhat amuses me, but now especially since I have the thought of an Amazon warrior princess stuck in my head every time I stand up next to the natives - it's almost enough to make me beat my chest and give a might war cry before dashing down the street with a spear in hand to do battle with a neighboring tribe...actually, it kind of just makes me giggle.

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